I’m a rainbow of journeys, lessons, struggles & strengths.

Im exactly who I am because of the obstacles set along my path.  Making a choice each & everyday to be the best person I can be.

I’m a woman. A strong woman who has had to fight for every single thing in life. IM a wife and mother of 2 children I was told Id never have, I’m a good mom and that’s my big achievement. I’m a Funeral Director who’s dedicated 17 Tears of my life toThe deathe care industry. I specialized in embalming and the art of restorative reconstruction and cosmetology. I have a gift Embalming came so naturally to me still does, I need to see people content in their departure. I love the job and all its gore. I ran a large city morgue at a very young age of 24 I taught embslming at the city university and had the privelege of teaching others this peaceful art. I’m a woman living with mental illness and so many survival skills along the way to just survive, not proud but I’m 11 years into recovery. I Live with a complicated mind that requires close observation. I’m a schitzo id affective Bi polar woman with every form of anxiety and PTSD that’s crippling at times from a hard ass childhood. I came out 3 years ago to just be accepted and step towards the unknow, i just wan to be apart of the world. So I write, I write the pain away and as I tell my secrets and empty my closet I burry it, I acknowledge that its bullshit and awful but it happened, cant change it so deal as best.
I’m a weirdo but I’m a nice weirdo.
The Brightest of light & Deepest of dark.
Perfectly me