Our Andy

This little tiny old man is our truest and best friend by every definition of friendship. Andy had lived a life on the streets dealing with addiction for 35 years. Sleeping under bridges and pan handling. Then with the help from our local mission for the homeless workers to help him shake the devil off his back. He’s sober 10 years and the oddly asked question of can a man live on the property in a trailer to that amazing man who actually saved us when we couldn’t afford food, Turkey dinner or gifts. Wood showed up, a full bag of food needed to make Christmas dinner white a turkey hung on my door . This man has become family and now we have him all set up. A new trailer for safety his legs no longer ache from dewy cold sheets that numbed his feet. He was in such a bad state but to him it was a palace. Well now with a new trailer, electricity run from our home, a tv and all the luxuries he’s not known. A toaster, coffee pot, a oven and bathroom. This to our Andy is quality of life for a very nice walking angle.

I had got him all ready for a funeral he didn’t want to go looking like in his words a old bum. Well he looks lovely.

My best friend Andy

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