O Hollows Eve

My family is so unique and so very odd too. A village tradition we celebrate upriver almost cult like. The costumes are not bought it’s from the closets and made, it’s some of the most creative contraptions you’ll ever see. All ages gather in our community hall, so old so many memories. We are all related in some way or another and full of talent. The musicians start plucking those strings and the Monster Bash starts. Absolute silliness most have there faces covered and the others whisper to figure it out, who is the night stand? Who’s the giant dildo? As the guess fly around so do the booze and blazing blunts fog the party. The laughter that echoes over our silent village and the mountain lined river is amplified joy. As a kid the noise inside was a roar this event that ends in prizes really is the celebration of our pagan holiday.

Every year for as long as my memory goes our family aunts, uncles, moms, dads, sisters, kids and friends gathered at our family sporting camps cookhouse to prepare a our crew. The sewing kits going, paint everywhere, tying down boobies it was like a large change room of creativity and love, real love we all have. Most of the time our crew took home all three medals, it’s just our thing.

Last night was the famous Riley Brook hall Halloween bash, even away I’m on the phone with, getting pics of and medling I feel kinda apart of my personal favourite family gathering. I got up this morning excited to see photos of my redneck goons and as expected, awesome!

Then I feel lonely.

I feel like I’m no longer family after being away for so long.

Each person standing in my home lady right shared blood and in my eyes people that made everything so much more than it was all because we are so close and goofy.

I’m homesick.

Then I remind myself there nothing there.

Just a twisty turny goat path threw the deep woods along our river with nothing my for sale signs on run down homes that once boomed with families.

Here in my blood all these moments are stored.

Now I’m here in this lovely position of carrying these unique traditions on. We may go overboard as parents and yes every moment is a ballon occasion here. That’s ok cause I celebrate every good thing there is and seek every laugh it offers.

I love this.

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