Baby powder

As a blooming young woman I was feeling all so grown up that summer before grade 8, moving up to the big high school no more girl it’s the first walk into the world of womanhood and it’s bright, glittery, giggly, full of butterfly tummy feeling. Romance and young cute lusty love, all new the energy seemed much more intense. I spent this summer between this changing grade of all hormones gone wild, spent where else? The public pool. Gathering with classmates that are suddenly sexy and you feel the throb in your groin, these beautiful years of womanhood.

I caught the attention of a very handsome dark boy from town whom I did not know. The long glares across the pool, dropping eyes feeling nauseous, ridiculous new feelings and curiosity of boys, so cute.

It was not long and my perfect tanned crush in the hottest wet swim trunks that set my girly dirties on fire came walking over to talk. It’s true the movies are spot on with the mushy slow motion stuff but it happens. His lean body, curly hair and sexy grin, I was just about to explode from blushing as he stood in front of me, so gorgeous! That hair, his hemp bracelets and no fear tshirts, just cool a tall sundae extra cherries. ” want to walk the trail with me?”

Before he finished I said yes. Trying all so cool to get into that change room and pretty up. That walk around the lake was very quiet and beautiful he held my hand and my heart fluttered, touched my back I swore it was ice in my chest. This walk became a regular thing just us, snuck away meeting in the woods to just hold hands.

Finally while sitting on a picnic table he kissed me, at last and it was phenomenal and I became some starving sex girl. We spent the whole summer just making out, everywhere, sneaking away and ravaging eachother, oh the French kissing, just way more than this girl imagined, he was full of passion and a bit dark hair tugs, slaps on the ass surprisingly, he had me so wound up I could bare walk at times from arousal, those making out days. First base, second base for weeks we felt eachother up hour of squeezing boobs and petting Levi button fly jeans,, then came third base… it was going to happen the last make out lead to unbuttoning, I was so so nervous.

I got ready that night knowing exactly what we would be up to. He was staying at his aunts house just down the road. My parents were never around so the plan was to sneak out and meet at my place. I was anxious my tummy doing summersaults. I’d never done this in a normal teen way. My silly anxiety had me so clean in lady land it kinda stung, I had shaved up, very odd the first time. M friend who was older walked me threw it over the phone, it was hilarious. I’m the 90’s it was the landing patch. This first go at my lady bits kinda matched a mans first shave, few nicks, little off here, how do you get all up in that. Then the mirror.. oh my I laughed so hard into the receiver I thought I’d never catch my breathe. “Yes she looks cute”.

I got extra dressed up, lots of cream, perfume, my hair perfect. I’m ready.

I heard him come across the porch we just jumped on eachother, falling into walls and sitting on tables grinding teenagers we are sex machines then. As his hand slid down my pink panties I feel into him total surrender. We made out forever all hot and teasing I ran to the bathroom while he put the radio on nine inch nails played. I suddenly got all weird freaking out I decided to freshen up I felt messy. In the downstairs bathroom I only found baby powder, I’d never used it so I puffed a bit in my panties that would be a fresh clean lady bits.

We fell to the floor and continued this passionate rolling he’s into I’m ontop jeans feeling damp then as the passion increased he unbuttoned my jeans kissing my panties. I was so beyond myself I knew I was so ready as weird as it may be. As the silk panties were pulled down I saw him lower. Let’s say I was a very happy lady and that I’m generous with natural lubricant, anywho still blushing.

All these super awesome weird things start happening it was out of this world. He came to kiss the inside my legs and as he looked up I saw it… his face from eyes down was white!! I sat up concerned and freaked out. “. Your face!” What? It’s all white?!? He gets up to go see and in this terrifying moment we both saw the powder on the sink……

Oh my fuck!!!

I literally got so excited I made paper mâché out of baby powder.

Can’t make that kinda devastating experience up.

We were so awkward I was mortified but we said nothing.

A few years later in senior high he while high told his friends laughing about our funny tale that to me was the ultimate devastation, I painted his face like a white balaclava! I still see his young studly face all white and cracking.

Well let’s say I heard baby powder a lot that year. Only a few knew and that was way too many already.


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