The foolish things that people say when it comes to parenting, truly bold at times with righteous bragging on “I did this” well here’s my response to you all and your magical rainbow diapered filled children, shut up!! Just shut up! Drop that wagging finger of well I’d fix that, do that it’s because you don’t…. ” put it down and honestly think back to raising your babies. Stop and reflect on how annoying it was having many I’m sure telling you too. Did it feel nice? Ever invisiom of a rolling pin upside miss blabber mouth? Ya ok now that’s you ya big jerk.

My word my sons struggles with ADD is just as real as asthma yet somehow we automatically go to discipline. He can’t sit stil, well you spank him each time he gets up… ya that sounds genius!! Never. He won’t listen to you well make him get in his space and make him hear you.. that sounds like good feelings right there eh. He makes a mess the same mess for 2 years because he can’t listen at times. Well that’s simple he don’t listen best his ass till he can sit for a week few of those he’ll listen. Awesome idea, break his spirit with fear and violence. See to me as your speaking I’m thinking.. Idiot!

The way my family talk about eachother rather than to eachother policy cycles into well gossip, not a phone call to say I’m sorry, I’m here but that boy is savage she must be letting him run wild. No, not at all.

Everyday I feel I’m on my sons ass, all day, don’t, stop, what are you doing? Why? The time outs, the constant talks the defiance the push back from him. Everyday I chase, protect, teach and hold onto my son so he won’t get hurt. I live in fear that he’ll get hurt. I’m at a place inside that’s guilty. Have I been too hard on him? I didn’t know. I honestly thought it was my shit parenting.

I feel shameful to even write this I feel great relief in knowing it’s not my inability to control my own kid. My shoulder seem looser. It makes me greatly sad that he’s going to struggle, be constantly in trouble based on conformist actions like sit, stay, rollover, nor did I well do I. He will be a good friendly person that’s plugged in with energy I’m sure but a good perky kind, I know it.

I feel so sad that he will be pegged “Bad”. Oh that’s a awful word and even more of a burden to carry,?”bad”. As though your person is bad. How sad of a feeling and I wish for my bright, loving, gorgeous human being to never doubt his good.

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