Fire starter

I was into my 5th year as a Funeral Director & Embalmer I felt pretty confident in my embalming skills as I was running a city morgue before 25, that’s kinda my thing Miss practicing my skill but this brain needs a few more patches and repairs yet. I had a great opportunity to learn how to operate a crematorium, never really knew what it was like I knew but never really thought about the exact manner of disposition. Cremation is a process of breaking down and disposing of human flesh by using extreme Heat/torching flames leaving on the skeletal system and often metal hips, pins, screws any metal inside your body. Then with a large metal broom the perfectly laid out skeleton is swept into a ash tray under the front of the oven chamber. Then the broken up bones are crunched down and a magnet is run over to gather all the cremation container nails and all mentioned above. The remains white bones are swept into a large metal processor exactly the same as a food processor, once the bones are ground into a powder form they are poured in the urn of choice. In no time I was on my own cremation often 2 per day sometimes more ontop of my embalmings of the day it was a very busy but lovely position to be in. I had a few incidences that are normal I learned after the fact and a part of me died of horror and freight. One morning no different than any other I started first thing with starting a cremation it takes around 4 hours to complete and cool. I completed the paperwork required to complete a cremation, rolled the pine box into the chamber the rollers still spin as the box hits the brick floor. Door is lowered and sealed as I press that red button the rumbling roar of massive flames like a blow torch begin to incinerate the wood box. I always watched through the glass window as the flames roar the box is gone. The first thing to ignite is hair it instantly melts as does the skin, the human body is full of fat this turns into a scalding flames that increase the breakdown of flesh. Once the far liquifies the oil begins to make the human body crackle and move like bacon on the pan. It’s a sight I could have gone my life without seeing again. This particular cremation just began to egnite the crematorium just stopped…. I hit the button again.. click.. click.. nothing. I look inside and it’s obvious the body is well into the process only muscle remaining. I was panicked!! I ran to my manager and we tried everything, no one anywhere could help. The next morning was the funeral service for the person so this process had to happen now. The only thing we could do was to go grab a new wooden box. We knew we had to get them out of there but how? 3 Directors a long flat blade to lift flooring and muscles we were able to get them off the chamber floor into that box. Off as fast as possible to another funeral home to use their retort. At the end of the whole ordeal the urn was there.

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