Well I’m a week into a very difficult patch. Like I’ve said there is no cure and for myself I will dance with my disease forever. I get up each morning despite waking up even more tired than the morning before. I know first thought that today I will struggle it would be easier to just lay down and sleep through all these uncomfortable symptoms. I get up! I can’t guarantee it won’t hurt, be difficult or that it will take all I have to get past it and at times my knees will buckle and the strength used will run with hope down my sad face. I get up!

I start. Wash up, get dressed, brush my teeth and make coffee. I get up. I cook breakfast though I’m in slow motion under very heavy sedation a fog of dumb. I get up. The kids needs always come first. Off to school my son goes happily bouncing off into a very exciting day of learning. Husband leaves for work and my baby watches her Cinderella in a tu tu and one shoe. Every single person and creature big and small is content, cared for and happily enjoying their days. Because I got up.

I’m deep deep down tired, my bones hurt, eyes appear to be bleeding, swollen nearly shut, bag of peas works great for this. Preparation h as odd as this sounds it really helps me shrink down my sad black circles eyes. Tip for anyone who’s struggling. Concealer hides the black eyes. I stay up!

Once up that’s it. Though I’m held up with one frayed string I know I can do this. I CAN get up. I CAN fight. I CAN do so much more than my broken heart and mind feel possible. So can you!!!!

Today I feel so sad. I feel weak. I feel unloved and more yet a feeling can’t control your Will. Get Up!

Get Up!!

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