Some days I can’t step back and look st the life I live in, the choice I made to live. It’s ridiculously goofy to be honest. I’m a well non conformist from birth so it gets me into trouble as I can’t help doing things I can’t rationally explain to myself why I can’t. I’m sitting here having my after school coffee note it’s a hour and a half to and from school on foot, ridiculous! I’m gonna be a lean machine. Anywho, as I was saying prior to my constant sidetracked thoughts, I’m here with my black Vietnamese pot belly pig, ya, see what I’m getting at here. She arrived on my doorstep 3 years ago a wee piglet dying. The owners had heard somewhere that if you don’t feed s pig it will remain small like a piglet, see people want things small and cute forever, odd. So daisy pig was brought to me cause I’m known to lend a helping hand to critters in distress. I can still see her dehydrated eyes all sunk into her skull, the rapid breathing and bones oh dear a pigs bones should never be seen. My husband and I administered water slowly, introduced baby like foods to here and she survived that night and each day thereafter that adorable hooved beastie grew stronger. They just gave her to us, like nothing. She had been left in a dog crate her while little existence, with much torture like holding her upside down till she stopped screaming, a form of submission used to break farm animals as babies. Disgusting! The owners would ping her snout as correction a pigs nose is as sensitive as genitals that’s how they explore the world, how cruel. They had fun telling there big dog to chase her, sick her they would say she came with scars and scratches on her Hyde. As I nursed her to health this little soul captured my heart. So here’s my mini pig that 200 pounds under my feet like a great dog. Kids love our daisy pig. When the time came to release her I could not justify one reason why I couldn’t keep her, other than the I suppose toos I never did find appealing. So I have a pig. And so many other rescue animals. Floyd the guinea pig, doddie the puppy mill dog, a blind rabbit named hervin a fish & recently a injured craw fish. Yes it’s a lot of work no doubt but this is no bother as each one of these weirdos are enjoyed wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really enjoy my silly life. I’ve seen the deepest of dark, saw the other side as chemicals slid my life away so these simple laughs and life I’ve created is all I ever wanted, needed my biggest accomplishment my children, a family that’s not violent or filled with addiction based rage. We act like children, we are ridiculously proud of every thing we achieved despite the blows along the way not many could survive eh. The wonderful gift that was given to me by the monsters I’ve seen is that the sun feels warm, the sky looks free, my dreams are possible and my ability to love is stronger. I live with every fabric of my woven patched heart. The greatest gift the pain gave me was love, I know little of that and each person who loves me feels so warm and comfy. A craving I’ve had just love.

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