Anxiety is the biggest pain in the ass! Honestly my nervous social symptoms are humiliating, sheesh! My son is just entering the school system so with that comes daily interactions with a lot of people, love it yet my body betrays my emotions. I sweat! I kid you not it’s not just look she’s glistening cause it’s hot out oh no ever single pore in my body when under anxious terms pours. The other day my sons teacher asked to speak to me, cool totally normal interactions yet anxiety you massive jerk kicks in. I walk over all cool and calm totally laid back I could feel the sweat running down my face, into my eyes, like really! By the end of it she was looking at my forehead and kinda like are you ok? So I blurted out every so honestly I’m sorry I’m just anxious. I have to explain myself and as that is going on I’m sweating more cause I had to have that awkward chat, ugh! I need to find a way to tell people hey it’s not you that’s causing me to melt infront of you, not you it’s me. I want to talk to you even though I’m sweating like a sinner on Sunday. Honest to Pete I’m going to start carrying a cute hankie cause I know my eyeliner was under my chin when I ran out those doors, phew!

My body completely betrays me, the other week I got uncomfortable in public felt the freight train of impending doom roll in, just a smash of yuckies. So what happens, I’m all cool like a cucumber a clamy wet cucumber. I got a sharp stab to the tummy. Ya sure lets get diarrhea in public. I don’t use public washrooms, ever! I’d rather shit behind a shrub then bring my lady bits anywhere near that seat of contagions, shiver! Well I didn’t have a choice cause for some odd reason my bottom hit the eject button. I did the calm jumping clenched arse running walk to that God awful bathroom. Of course it’s full, why not universe! So a room full of woman, I have mommy issues and now I have no choice but crouch over the plague with diarrhea, why can’t these things be silent? Why all the theatrical noise? Oh god I hung around that stall until I felt sufficient time had passed for every woman that heard the explosive splashes of humiliation, I died a little. The giggles oh dear ever cry while you poop? Well accomplishment here! Woot!

See these are the things that happen. Just anxiety,, ya ok

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