Pee Wee

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s know the wild whacky fun of Pee Wees playhouse, classic!  I know his stories and home are etched into my childhood.  My younger sister and I loved Pee Wee, my sister way more I was 8 years old and she was 6 it was summer break and every day had a half hour visit to the Playhouse boosted the imagination  My sister had a snap bracellete with a tiny tweetie bird clock just so she could make sure it was never missed.  As a kid there is this gorgeous creative light inside and we idolize those we personally enjoy and admire, it’s cute the fascination with characters, singers, actors and models, I know skeet ulrich was my creepy obsessive wallpaper for years, not to mention my obsession over David Bowie like it’s insane!! Named my kid after a character of his kinda obsessed.  We all have then, back street boys, collective soul so many come and go in the phases of aging.  We loose that idealism for the most part looking up to is gone.  This kinda admiration was genuine in my little sisters childhood that ended aburptly.

This is my sisters story I can only write from my side as witnessing her humiliation I can’t imagine her side oin a emotional side.

It was early afternoon that smer break and nearing the air time of Pee Wees Playhouse my sister took off like a scalded cat towards the house early that day leaving me outside on the rope swing.  A bit later I could hear the tgene song advertisement coming from the wood box tv in our aluminum wrapped living room, the octagon window a peek hole to the outside at time opened into the yard.  It was time for a drink and our show.  Growing up most menories are of us alone, with mom upstairs in bed coming down to get food and put our food on the tabel then returning upstairs.  I can’t remember a meal being eaten together.  Even getting off the bus pour supper was on the tabel when we got home often really tasty food mom can really cook and bake but she never ate with us.  Always in the living room alone watching tv while we ate in the other room, I know I always felt lonely.  I ran to the fridge grabbed some sunny d and plopped down on the bean bag chair in front the television.  My sister came running down the stairs she’s a tiny whippette of a person just fast paced.  She came in just a hopping excited Like out of her little mind, instantly starting to sing the song waking side to side like Pee Wee, she could do that whole thing no problem, so cute.

She had gone inside early it turned out to get all dressed up Like Per Wee.  She had found a old grey button up sweater up in that God awful moth  ball cat piss hoarded closet it was full of bags of split open used old smelly damp clothes and she found the perfect one.  A grey sweater, white ruffle collar, sleeve shirt and a red tie she had made well kinda a tie it got the point across.  She had baby powder all over with bright red lipstick on, hair all dippity doo back with a comb.  She was just a jumping and singing along dancing and laughing, it was really funny to watch as a kid and as a adult now if my kid did that Id being taping it and loving every moment dear youngsters are so innocent. Every time word of the day came on by Konking the robot we’d jump up and down screaming.

the noise must have woke mom up her bed was directly above the living room and I’m sure we were being loud.  I just remember mom coming into the living room in her see through night dress as always. These night dresses became a odd game.  She’d randomly flash her very hairy Pubic hair and say “Boo!  Tarantula is gonna bite you… Grrr!”  It use to freak and gross me right out.  Anywho.. It was routine to just go silent when she entered a room needed a bit to figure out if she was mad, happy who knew.  She took a look at my sister and began to laugh, at first we joined in thinking she was gonna play or something.  Then the laughter increased to a tone of mocking, she pointed at my little sister and started the beat down emotionally.  “Look at that fucking moron” laughing and laughing “you look like a she boy” “your such a freak you ugly ugly dork” hair pulled back big fucking nose stuck out”look ain’t your sister stupid!  As she started to encourage me to join in.  By joining in I learned at a young age would get me special attention and gifts.  So I joined in pointing and laughing.   My sisters little face just hung down her big eyes full of tears as she stood there pee wee in the back ground with us destroying her.  Her face all wrinkled up she ran out, the screen door slammed and she ran across the porch up towards the trees, she was so ashamed and devastated you could get her heart broken cries fade away.  I felt horrible and then I got a pet on the back and a good lunch she was nice to me for a few days after in front my sister.  This was common to hug one and yell or pick in the other, someone had to be the down one in this game of fight for attention destroy eachother as mom glowed in pride.

later as the sun was going down she returned to the house her white face had washed away where her tears ran mascara all smudged hair pulled down.  Her eyes were all swollen there’s this certain point in crying that leave you puffy eyes for days.  She just walked up stairs to her section of the house.  I never saw a episode of pee Wee played.

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