Lost & Found

You know how there are stories of you being a child some are told for a laugh some are silly things we do or say and then there’s those stories that are told years later  told to make you seem like a brat.  I have a lot of stories in all areas as do we all but I have stories that only I know, I remember things differently I found it off as a kid being blamed and punished for things that did not happen but did.  If that makes any sense at all.  Now as a adult I still remember these false stories.  The day I ran away.

It was a very hot day and the rain had the air all humid every tree was weighed down with water from the never ending rain storms.   I remember that the fire flies that night were everywhere.  I remember following my mom through the field between our house and the mountain.  The grass seemed to be sky high I could barely part it.  There’s a rotating ringing sound when the fields sing with crickets its a humm and creek at the same time.  The sun was hot looking up it sparkled as the clouds passed over.  At the edge of this field there is apath to the right of uncut beaten trail and straight ahead the wood road up the sides of a mountain gulch, it lead to our maple tree ridge.  We had this tiny shack in the middle of the ridge with a massive water tank cut in half and made into a boiling drum over a large fire.  We tapped the trees, collected the buckets daily in the spring as the sun warmed the maple ridge.  It took a lot of pales of sap to fill that tank but once it was full we’d boil it could take days to slowly render off the water to make maple syrup.  We all hung out up there collecting, boiling and a lot of booze.  I assumed that day we were gonna walk to the top of our mountain but we took the right turn.  It was not cut in the summer the alders grew thick home.  We kept this trail trimmed in the winter as we used these roads for ski dooing and dog sledding, both family ️Winter business we had a bar/restaurant and hosted dog sled races that attracted a large number of spectators.  We reached a fur tree they hang bows to the ground on the mountains.  Mom sat me next to the tree it was so cool as a kid we lived in these things climb to the top no problem kind of branches.

you told me to make sure I stayed in there until you came and got me.  I was a timid kid so i would not leave if you told me not too.  You said you’d be back soon that I was camping in the woods.  You seemed so excited, kids feed of that.  You left.  Itvwas beautiful in that tree the sun danced the light like crystals sparkling in the wind. The branches all thick ruffled in the breeze that mountain breeze that smells of trees and lupins.  The sun was going down and still you had not come back.as the dark fell the frogs began to croak, the wet forest began to becomebvery cool damp and cool. The Stars slowly appeared the moon starts as a water print in the sky and it rises to the surface like from the bottom of a bathtub becoming perfectly clear.  It was a finger nail moon that night.  I always imagined a person sitting in the dip or the wonderland cat.  I layed watching the sky move the moon around and fell asleep.

I was awoken quickly by the sound of someone calling my name.  I sat there looking around in the blackness I heard it again it was my dads voice.  I screamed out and a light began to come towards me in the dark.  Cracking branches and the light was in my eyes.  I remember being happy someone came back then I felt the sting of the first slap that burned my bum. My dad was beyond mad and I was so confused, I tried to not be taken out of the tree I was scared.  My dad beat on me from that tree all the way home.  I fell, and screamed and cried the whole way if I curled away he drug me.  What had I done to make him so mad.  As we crossed the field I saw more lights lined up it was my family looking for me.  They had called the cops my mother reported me missing just after supper.  She said she looked out and I was gone.  Id say I was 5 so everyone was terrified.  Did someone take me, was I lost in the woods alone at night in the thick forest that’s very unsafe.  I remember how angry and disappointed everyone seemed to see me, everyone was terrified I see now mad at me for running away like that.  As I was martched up the steps into the house there was my mom.  She was sobbing hysterically.  She ran and hugged me I was so confused what was going on.

This incident is spoke of from time to time and I just listen but inside I’m going… No no I didnt.  This feeling became familiar in the war of who said what.


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