Green eyed monster

Within us all lives a vicious toxic beast that hides behind our eyes.  The beast watches from the corner of your eye just observing everyday life.  If you turn your head quickly it’s said that you can catch a glimpse of the beasts green eyes.  The tales and whispers from wives tales said the beast layed in rest until his green eyes capture something he wants, a coveting of something he desires, it can be a moment he wishes he had, affection that he needs, a new and best of anything that he does not have.  The beast could not rest the compulsive thoughts grow as his anger and resentment grow. When the beast comes forward and raises his rough leather skin,  those lumps of hate stored in his skin, the lashes of a million wants some raw and others raised aged lashes.  His hunched back holds his head forever down, he holds all his treasures very dearly each one is what his existence is measured by.  He can be felt as a tickle eyelash while he sorts all thy took, he’s better than.  These objects though cold and lifeless are what make him feel, those relationships he can’t have because he’s too focused on what others have.  He’s a collector, a beast of treasures.

the beast cannot rest until he feels pacified by praise, a new toy, a treat he needs what his heart desires.  Many desires are never captured by the beast and be assured he never forgets. Those ferocious feelings grow in time and the decay of being jaded spreads like heroine in the vein.  It weeps into your spirit contaminating your joy for others.  This beasts viral poison  can end relationship, hurt your soul and weaken your self worth, it a mighty sickness.

avoid waking this sleeping green eyed monster,,, once your contaminated you’l dwindle away and that beast will take the wheel.

jealousy the undertone

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