When I moved to the big apple of our amazing country I made a choice to take s break for many reasons from the Funeral Industry.  I decided to take two part time jobs one at the cities funeral support firm here international shipping of soldiers and contagious cases that require embslming but no funeral home will do themselves.  It was very interesting I must say and ️Biggest perk.. no reslonsibilities or families crying.. Just work.  Was numbing to my fidgety brain.  The second was working for a trauma care firm specializing in human waste removal and all forms of human filth and mental decay that exists behind the curtains of our society, a glimpse into minds more broken than me.    I took shifts when I could on bad days and therapy days, hospital days and so on I just was unavailable, neither could zone in or figure out my secret, pre coming forward as a Mentally I’ll woman.  It was perfect for me at this turning point in time.

i had taken a job for the Bio company that week I was running teams already for the company in a few places a weirdo like myself is very handy to have around.  Someone has to do it, I’m a ding beetle of our society.  I take shit away, clean it, make things pretty for others.  Dung beetle.  Any who! This job was suppose to be a disaster.  I was sent to remove all human fluids.  As I entered this god awful apt the barf hit the back of my teeth as hard as that putrid smell.  Well full astronaut suit before doing that again.  I dress up and go on in.  Dear insanity this is what that troubling experience looks like, never saw such a thing.  All doors had been removed oven, microwave all of it, that stood out right away.  The entire apt was packed full of blue lid Tupperware, layers cupboards full what on earth was I trying to solve here.  The entire open concept apt was covered in splatters, like paint I thought a artist but no it was shit.  All the chains hung in the living room area these sex toys hung and layed all over those too full of feces , what a nightmare, I hate poop.  I go to inspect the bathroom and the tub, toilets and sink where bubbling over in fermented shit, yes it bibbles like yeast.  Cracking that scab is the hardest part.  Later we discovered all drains were blocked with broken glass, can never trust anything when dealing with severely ill people.   I was way overwhelmed with the task of removal and sanitation of such a mess.  On the 46 floor of a sky tower, if not for that Id drop a match.. Shiver.

i gazed around scattering to solve this job then I realized I forgotbto actually look inside these blue containers.  I lifted the lid and realized these were walls of saved vomit.  I stood there completely dumb founded as to where one starts to make this sanitary again.

It took a week of all day shifts to dispose and sanitize every inch of this residence.



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