Termination box

I was expecting a decedent to be brought in for embalming from the medical examiners office.  I knew that this younger lady had suddenly walked into the woods and took her life the evening prior.  As I gowned up, snapped the mask over my hair, pinched my nose bar in and ritualistically positioned all my instruments needed to complete the process of preparation without touching anything, sanitation is very important with bio hazardous materials, anyone could have anything, safety safety.  I could hear the stretcher tires crinkle over the elevator metal plates as my last person of the day had arrived.  Beep beep beep beep… Bzzzzzzz click.  The mourge door opens and my colleague unloads the deceased onto the Porceline embalming table.  We together go up to the van to collect a large amount of belongings I’m told as he laughs.  The whole back of the transfer van had a apperatus seen in horror movies like saw.  

We stood the apparatus up and began to configure the parts as described in the medical cause of death provided that listed COD to be suicide.  The lawn chair was set up with two metal poles welded to the shoulders of this chair.  This wooden box with a hole to insert head with face exposed the metal rods slid this box on.   On the front exposed face side a round bendy mirror acted to be in front facing herself.  On the sides of this wooden box by each side of the head temple to temples was these tiny looking guns she had strings tied linking them together in the middle that string hung down.  Last there wAs a brick.  I had to CSI this manner of death out with my partner we recreated her final moments and how her suicide device worked.

She sat down comfortably on a beautiful hill and had a glass of wine then removing all belongings, jewelry and a envelope addressed to her husband and children.  She proceeded to place the box around her head taking the string that’s around the nail guns triggers and tied that link to the brick.  Sitting back looking at herself in the mirror at her choice she dropped the brick.  As the brick fell the triggers dislodged simutaneously plunging a 3 inch nail into each temple of her head.  Instant death.

Ive thought often of what she must of seen in the mirror that exact moment the spike punctured her brain.  That last thought, did she regret it?

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