My Joe

There are many terms used in every single dialect around this globe for Grandfather.  Grampa, pop, papa, grampa for me its Joe.  Joe came into my life when I was six, I can still see that moving truck baking up grams long driveway I watched all this cool furniture be carried into the house, delicate fancy things I saw, books and so many records.  A bit later Joe arrived, instantly when I saw his face I just loved him it was the nicest face Id seen.  I noticed that my Grams was so giggly and different when she saw him.  I was too young to link the stories.  My grams who raised me had lost her husband a few years earlier to a massive sudden heart attack.  Grams had married my grandfather at a very young innocent age of 22 he was a much older man his first children were older than his new bride.  They had 4 children and a happy life, hard but happy.  Joe had a beautiful life great job and a besutif wife.  Before starting their family his wife died of lung cancer at 34, he sat by her side till her last breathe.  He sunk himself into his teaching as a professor and never had a relationship till he met grams. Grams was a young woman to be alone, no one should we all need a friend.  In her forties she met joe on a trip of many exploring trips she did.  Joe was then set up for a meeting coffee with grams and there started their love story, a great one a example of everything I wish to be.  Joe stepped right in and helped grams carry on our family hunting and fishing business and raising up grams grandkids with her.  Joe was amazing!!  All children enjoy his company he’s a teacher who taught part time in our schools.  He studied and practiced zoology and botony for the university of Dallas his intense love of nature was contagious he introduced everyone to things we don’t usually think of.  I have not one bad thing to say not one raised voice, cross word or fight ever with joe, he’s never said a unkind thing about anyone.  His heart is massive and the smallest of things make him upset he just loves us all so much, it’s obvious.  Joe taught me everything a father usually does, tie my shoes, read, homework, ride a bike, fishing, hunting, swimming and so so much more and he was really there while he showed Ya with encouragement and genuine pride. I love my Joe we are extremely close, we talk everyday few missed always have.  He knows me and loves me as is.  Just pure goodness.

my Joe has a disabled leg from a bbq that fell one him while he and I grilled hotdogs.  It left him with a unusable leg but it never stopped him, his back is crooked from polio  this gives him a distinct bent over walk thst we all know this he customized into a chicken dance that all us kids loved.  We all know the BaaaBaaaBaloooo!  Of his wolf call when he’s silly.  He’s one of a kind.  Joe and I shareso much on a different level.  He’s my friend and mentor.

Recently we discovered that our Joe has Parkinson’s disease.  He’s in the middle stages and we have minimal time left before he faded away.  How cruel for a brilliant mind to disappear, sad.  My heart is in so very much pain.  We have shared cer intense talks about his future days and how he feels.  My Joe is so scared.  When did he get old?  When did he become so weak?  When?

Im not ready for these next months.  I’ll be there for him as he would for me and has all along

my Joe

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