Bio Bitch



After what seemed like the worst professional year known I needed to take a break from a Funeral Home I was burnt out with emotions on the surface.  You just can’t work in a funeral home like that it’s not right or ️Ok to the families coming in deserving the best and that includes their Funer Director.  I knew I was at the end when I walked out a the arrangement office just could not go on.  Slowly set my pen Down and applied reassuring the grievers another Director would be in.  That right there was it.  I could do three arrangements a day make great relationships with all and plan &provide a perfect service.  I loved going into work always found it comfortable.  I prefered to embalm and dedicated most my career towards that art.  For me to start getting snappy and quality start to slide itvwas time for a break may it be temporary or permanent.

We moved here at that time to be closer to my mother whom I still cared for in way to many ways, so unfair.  I grabbed a job with a neat little company that a colleague suggested as a change.  It was a trauma Care cleaning services, the job involved removal of all contaminates from decomposition from bio fluids to while tubs liquid can go a long way, decomp being oil based can’t be cleaned, gotta go.  On another side was estate surfaces, meaning clearing out homes after people pass in particular in very poor conditions. Hoards, infestation, insanity by that I mean human feces, vomit, urine and ejactulat used it stored in ️oh so many ways.  I loved the idea of it right off then I met the owner.  Instant friends for life just one of the most kind and odd people is encountered to then.  My husband and I joined his team me regular and hubby while off from the Funeral home.  I had no idea what I was really getting into.  I learned right away that humans scare me more than any bogeyman .  I worked there for 3 years as a supervisor in no time cause well I’m trained already in human fluids but mostly I’m incrediy strong for a woman.  A very large part of the job is lugging garbage bags, furniture and more out of residents, a lot of damn apartments being in such a large city.  There wasn’t much I didn’t find in these disasters honestly people are fascinating.  Within no time friendships developed, real strong friendships.  From being so close together for days, weeks as a team cleaning and sorting estates.  It seemed that every team member worked silently lugging to avoid some serious life shit.  That there commonality sealed the deal.  These relationships became probably the realust work relationships ever.  Years later still friends with everyone or think of them often.   I mindlessly cleaned up after sad lonely mentally ill people numbing my own agony at the time.  I’m a bit hard around the edges it worked really well in the city housing building, a lot of really bad buildings.

Not much we didn’t do, talk about and silly the best bunch of jack asses ever. Oh the messes, infestations, bedbugs, the filth and Sick minds masterpieces, I’ll write a few stories later.    I stayed there until I got pregnant and well lugging pianos and dressers was not a option.

Great tales.

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