imageWhen I set eyes on my now husband I knew we would join in matrimony I hoped way sooner than twelve years into our love story, I think all couples should view their relationship as a love story, whatever it is for you that’s what it is.  I would have jumped down that isle years before if I did not believe that Brad deserved to be stuck.  I know his heart he is a forever man and if I put him into my horror show of destruction he’d only feel heartache.  I loved him enough to never do that to him, that’s how I saw it he would tell you it don’t matter none of it cause he’s that good of a person.  We decided a few years ago at the wake of our make mentors our dads had experienced sickness that could have taken them from us.  We both knew it was time we were certain it was time and we wanted those men there.

We flew home to NewFoundland it was the hottest season that the island had experienced in decades.  I had l our outfits packed up ready to say forever.  We didn’t want any fuss at amm we would have been happy getting married n the kitchen.  The family and community said else wise.  Everyone was preparing for us to arrive it was beautiful the real want to do something for us.  I have never felt so loved by the family.  All the harbours ovens had turkeys, hams and more cooking that day for our ocean front garden service in the families yard, it was gorgeous. Those rugged cliffs that carved out art in stone rolled down to the sunset like arms hugging the sun.  With the hands there is the key.  A small rocky peak that blocks the sunset with splitting pink Rays.  Boats bobbed in the harbour that splash of the water under their feet.  There is something so very dark and Erie about the shores of this magic island that held the greatest most humble people of our countries.

The high school had volunteered everything we used from the prom set up closet.  The arches that many generations of locals walked towards adulthood.  All the men worked together lugging chairs down from the hall on the hill, highest peak of home.  My son had walked the bluffs picking my flowers with family.  I wore a simple dress that was planned before the wee life in my tummy grew.  We had our baby girl on her way, my dress barely fit over my baby bump.  The weather was perfect the harbour was glass still boats hardly moved, the sea was silent no rumble no roar.  A simple service we planned only family I was told.  The time had come my girlfriends had me all dressed up I felt simply cute.  I did not wish to stand out its not in my nature.  My father and I stand on the step of our uncles house next door.  Dad sat down his eye and took my hand, it’s ok he said and squeezed. I hear my father in law begin to play a song that meant the world to us.  As I walked I saw the people.  The yard and road was full, chairs and standing room all used.  I could not believe it.  Itvwas so nervous I was sure I’d pass out.  Threw the crowd of family and friendly faces smiling some crying I saw my best friend looking for me.  We made eye contact and everything that was afraid inside was gone.  I was walking to the safest place in the world, my home.

The song finished as we placed our sand into our heart vase.  Once sand combines. It can’t be separated, fact.  We said our vows our forevers to eachother it was so easy natural and right.  I the poor forgotten girl was I, me actually going to have a happy ending?  With nothing but hope we held hands turned around and together faced the future.  We all made our way up the hill to the community centre for our all community prepared dinner.  We all enjoyed eachother company, had a meal laughed together and joined our families two incredible families.

I will forever have a family, home and future because I spoke up and allowed peoe to see me and know me.  Turns out this scarey unknown one is lived and pretty normal under it all.

thank you it’s all worth it if I get you.

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