Tera Dog

imageWhenyou grow up in the woods like I did there are many things that we take for normal that the great majority of the world don’t ever see in their lives.  Like Black Bears on your step eating your garbage, coyotes staring in the window at you, very creepy.  Then we have our white trailed deer, natures dog and outdoor pet to locals.  We live our deer they are fed by most the commUnity I aas a kid was able to bottle feed baby deer that’s how tame they are. The local forest rangers watched out for their well being, there are strict rules and penalties for breaking them.  One of many rules was no dogs alowed to chase the deer, never.  The dog if seen running down a deer would be shot on sight.  All of us knew this and bad dogs disappeared often.

We had a big red Chesapeake bay retriever she was so nice kinda dumb and our buddy, always waiting at the bus stop.  For some reason I do not know Tera dog took off on us never had she done  this.  She ran up the mountain and disappeared.  It was not long before the phone was rining that Tera was down the road chasing the deer. My dad has a very and I mean very bad temper little know that he’s so friendly but if he’s cranky and thats a lot in particular if the rye is in his eye.  He and mom had been ripping and roaring all weekend, screams slaps years oh it’s always so high tension and for dad it became like a hair pin mine waiting to blow.  We all knew it was coming he began to loose his cool quickly.  I heard the bushes rattling I knew Tera dog was on her way home.  As the bushes opened her happy face jumprd out tail wagging excited to see us.  Well this day the dog chasing s deer was that hair pin and when dad saw Tera dog he ran, like ran completely out of his mind.  He jumps onto Tera dog.  The scream of Tera was deafening.  Dads fists rose and as he punched her she screamed and yipped , barked and cried.  Over and over he punched her full force.  I stood there feet away watching my dad beat my dog to death, I felt frozen yet everything around me was still.  The blood began to spray as he drew his fist back as Tera dog stopped crying.  Dad stands up covered in sweat gasping for air with blood all over his hands.  I just stood there no movement I didn’t know if he was calm yet.  He walks away and goes down the road in his truck.  I ran to Tera she was barely breathing blood running from her nose, bubbling as she breathed.  I lifted her head into my lap she whimpered her ears were bleeding and she panted in pain.  I looked into her vessel burst red eyes and I screamed.. It hurt so bad seeing her like this and what I just saw left me shocked.  As I sat with Tera she slowly got her breathe I swore she was going to die that night but by morning she was drinking.  I took care of her she limped for a few months after that.

I still to this day see this and return.

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