Cross Beak

imageI absolutely love nature and all its wittle fuzzy creepy babies, even things that scare me intrigue me.  As a young girl we had chickens to use for their eggs, nothing fresher than right out of the bum country eggs. We had a very unique collection of chickens see that’s what happens when I’m involved in chick selection.  Believe it or not you order chicks from a magazine like vesseyes seeds.  Every year we added new chicks and we had fluffy headed ones, puffy footed, yellow, black, reds you name it I was collecting them some even layed blue eggs!  My chickens had free range of the yard and I enjoyed their company so much I would play with them. Be wrapped up in blankie a, strollers Ya know all that fun foolishness.  I loved them all.

My laying chickens were pets with benefits I got treats too!  One year we ordered our just hatched chicks and within the black and white speckle ones a odd chick stood out.  His top beak and bottom beaked crossed over, we assumed he’d die naturally he couldn’t peck how was he to eat.  I begged to take him and see if I could help him.  I kept him up in my room in a laundry basket with a lamp next to him.  Surprisingly he drank, that’s awesome!  So I thought well what about soften seeds?  So I got some feed from the barn and poured warm water on it. It slowly softened and I mushed it with a spoon.  Shocked this little survivor gobbled it right up.  So day after day I fed and watered him.  He was so pretty!!  That crooked face was very special to me. When you save someone’s life it’s a bond.

It was just spring in the mountains water was running turning the snow into clear ice.  I was in grade 4 Tgat year and had so many great friends going to school was exciting.  I always checked in on the chicken before leaving everyone still slept in it was dark when the bus came.  I headed off to school nothing special just a day.  As the day ended we headed home I was the last stop on a very long route so I had time to complete my homework.i threw my books into my broken zippered cat piss scented  bag and hoped down those rubber grip steps.  My dads trailer was moved to the road that was really weird as I walked towards the trailer I saw the feet, all these heads and feet,, the feathers.. I remember bursting into tears what happened?  What tore their heads and feet off?  Oh my god it’s awful!  Their faces all different eyes black and blank I starred into so many eyes then at the top of the grusome heap of parts was cross beak.  Just his little crooked face beak open eyes rolled.. It’s my pet!  I jump into the pile of m chickens and grab his cute face off the pile.  I couldn’t see so I just stayed there heads all around my feet open mouth crying no sound.  That really hurt.  As I calmed enough to get inside I run into the house holding his head what happened I screamed.  She was standing infront of the stove frying up chicken in some oil she looked over and coldly said. “Your dad is on spring shut down we need the food don’t be So selfish and dramatic everything’s about you your highness!!  Spoiled ungrateful bitch” why cross beak I pleaded for a reason. “Get the fuck out of my face before I slap you”. I ran outside and sat on the big rock down bybthe road.  As night fell I was cold and hungry I decide to go to grams house even though Id get into trouble for it.  I go into grams face hiding it all.

Only now i know how little everyone did know

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