Ducky Boots

imageThe fluffy mountain of winters blankets begin to shrink, cool fresh streams wash away the winters frozen grounds.  Tiny little glacier rivers as the warm sun rises the cool mist of the rivers running over ice smelt cold, like winters breathe fading as spring buds begin to sprout.  Winters between the mountains is cold, snowy and so very long, last to see grass first to feel snow.  The crackling of melting ice with the rumble of our river stirring the ice rapidly angerly awakening from the solid ice these sounds meant like breaking ice burgs fall away so does our winter.  Spring as a child was spent floating boats, digging Trenches finally free from winters lockdown.

Easter brings spring flowers As well as the Easter Bunny.  Oh the treats, clothes, games, egg hunts and my personal favorite easter treat was the old Ducky boots, puddle stompers.  Hard rubber to your ankles, froze solid on the ice, water ran In but nothing could stop me from jumping the juice out of those spring puddles.  Remember that crinkling of cold splash suits, crunching almost, that noise of crickets while you run.. I remember and can smell the spring, I’m home.

i stand in the kissing glow of the sun, head high, breeze over my skin.  I can feel again, I’m coming to life inside and this feels for the first time ever that I have the wheel.  I raise my arms to the sun eyes closed, I rekease you.. I release you and your broken heart.  Spring grows hope in the garden of my dreams.  May the sun reach my tortured mind, rest now.. Exhale.. And down.. PHeeeeeeew!  It’s not mine to carry, and rekease.

Rise to the sun inhale the good, remember the good rekease the pain.


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