The Crust Monster

imageevery time  someone makes toast I’m reminded of the Crust monster, evil child murderer.  The Crust monster lived across the river ontop The mountain burrowing in the peaks, watching always waiting for a child to make a mistake, then he could come.  The crust monster was not human his skin burned and risen dried layers of blood caked his hands.  His nails made of iron he would sharpen on the bluff rocks while watching.  His eyes black no soul peer through the trees as he lays awaiting.  Ripped flannel covered his tumoured back leaking the green pus that rippled like candle wax.  If The wind blew North the stench of rotten childrenscould be smelt.  The Crust monster has a need to capture, torture and eat little children who don’t eat their toast crust, he will come if you don’t listen he watches for bad little girls and boys.  Your bones to build his walls. The more mischievous the child The tastier their blood.  He knew everything and you didn’t want to catch his affections.  He’d come down the mountain drag you to his burrow where he clipped your fingernails into a jug, full of human nails like curly rice or baby maggots.  These clippings were his keepsakes a rattle of reminders also so little children couldn’t scratch his blistered burns.  Tied underground you can hear the sound of fire crackling he drags you out as you await the cauldron to boil over the open flame your shaved all hair removed who likes burnt hair flavour As the pot reaches a rapid boil the crust monster picks you up over his head and tosses you into the pot.  Not to your death but only to scauld your skin to remove everything to the muscle, rumour was skin tastes bitter.  Once removed the child was laid out in the sun to dehydrate dry up the raw fleshless tissue needed some crunch.  Your burned body would be kept in Tge burrow as your fleshed ripened once to seasoned taste the crust monster would place his crusted scaly lips over your mouth and nose while you smoother he tastes your soul as it departs, he inhales you where your spirit is stored in his tortuous mind to suffer forever to never know peace.

Hes always watching and waiting hungry so be careful.. Listen and do as told.  The crust Monster may come

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