One Thing

Final exams around the corner a ending to a chapter a very wonderful important chapter.  My wedding was in a few months I had just renovated the house all new inside and out, such beautiful fancy things I’d never known yet I picked them out and filled that empty house for a empty future.  In a few weeks I would return to the village and assume my store front position as a known local English girl who would bring in business.  A pawn a object never to feel again, returning to my nightmare.

I never made a choice or decision for myself until the moment I said fuck it all and chose my One Thing. After classes we would study and just be ourselves, two best friends in absolute pure innocent love.  We avoided the topic for years now, we both knew I had to return or so I believed.  We laid in bed cuddling my ear on his chest I can feel and hear his warm heart beating.  My tears soaked his shirt and with each tear that fell his heartbeat picked up pounding harder then I felt a warm tear hit my cheek.  He wAs crying holding me tight.  We cried and held eachother.  I closed my eyes and breathed his essence in deep.. A burst behind my eyelids flashed and clarity came as I opened, I knew at that exact moment hearts beating in harmony that this person, this soul, this man was my forever person, m home.  My soulmate yes corny but I’m giggly happy that we met.  I was done, walking away from it all.  I promised life of wealth, title and respect as a owner and wife of the local Funeral Home.  I’d need or want for nothing.  My closets in the empty house hung full of brand names, expensive shoes, pure gluttony, I had every material object and never once did any of it make me happy or feel alive.  It was all rewards I had earned for being a good cooperative girl.   It was all not worth my life I knew I’d be dead in a few years, I knew I’d get out one way or another, before the children linked us forever.  One Thing.  You are my one thing.

We will never known wealth, good health or travel the world.  We will live one day at a time, one the edge of tomorrow, uncertain and madly in love.  We’ve traveled our great country sea to sea, seen things and experienced cultures we never imagined knowing as small town folk.  We have lived and loved well together a trail across country of giggles and adventures.  We have known struggle from day one.  I ran away with nothing, I took nothing but what I had on my back for one thing.  The one thing that can be found in anything on earth. True unconditional love, someone loved me and I felt it.  Together wherever we are home.  we built a family and sleep each night peacefully.  We borded a ferry to a future I never expected nor deserve such a great fun journey.  That ferry to the Rock was the beginning or my voice.  My first choice my first decision.  I chose me.  I’ve made my home.  I’m proud of my One thing

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