Despite my irresponsible actions and rough lifestyle choices I was never a person to have sex with anyone, this was not a part of my library of self hate crimes.  I never felt arousal ecspecially to the point of pleasure.  Last thing sex was to me was enjoyable.  I’d never relaxed and revealed or explored my fantasies, my sexual side.  Until the moment I discovered how amazing being with another could be.

Brad has from first sight made me tingle in lovely places.  I’ve loved him intensely our passion has never dulled, we love a lot and well.  It’s something most sex abuse survivors don’t experience but for me I’m lucky this little newfie leaves me uncontrollable in lust.  I could break him.. ️️Te he he!  We couldn’t and still can’t keep our hands off one another.  I felt the excitement, craved the intoxication of the next possible encounter.  Apple fields, school bathrooms, in garages, outside you name it we were sneaking off for a meeting.  I was his first lover his only, this was so rare, he was so good and pure hearted.  Being from a small town like we never slept around we grew up with these people, it’s weird.  Every time we laid together I found my body responding in new ways, my vagina blushed I felt his penis moisten I was doing this, it’s amazing how we are designed for this simple innocent thing we are made to love one another.

We were still in hiding I was having an affair on my fiancé and had no guilt at all.  Desire fogged my senses.  This evening we kept sneaking away from the pub and making out.  He had me pushed up against a wall legs around him, my god he’s a romantic.  Good Mother Nature blessed my man in many ways.  We counted down the minutes till it was closing time.  We shared a taxi with the crew we were the last stop I never made it home most nights.  We danced in frantic passion his button fly jeans were button popping in excitement, he’s a man of great natural ability and I had this need to ravage ne.  With confidence and erotic dark eyes he undresses me.  I lay back and he pulls my hips closer to him.  I never willing allowed or wanted anyone to please me, well I was ready.  Nervously I close my eyes as he kisses my tummy those whiskers scratching my sensitive skin sending skin point tickles within my vagina.  I felt my muscles relax, I’m always in a state of tension so this was amazing.  As things progressed and I relaxed more and more I couldn’t hear over the sound of my heartbeatin my ears my legs shivered involuntarily I try to pull away he squeezes my bottom and asserts himself, relax he whispers pishing me back down hand on chest fingers slide down my body. My eyes roll back and I begin to moan and squeek in pleasure, my hand around his neck I feel this vibration from within, electricity sparking my hips begin to swirl and grind, the pressure building in my lower belly, warmer, Warner, and the explosion bursts from my toes.  I lost myself in him.  i still loose myself in him.  This experience was liberating, freeing of control over me.  Choice!  My wants, my needs, me!!  I liked this feeling.  I needed to find myself. I’m a woman.  I’m a woman.  I’m sexual and ITs lovely

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