Teddy bears Picnic

The body bag was sloshing as I pulled it towards me off of the autopsy table onto my stretcher.  Sloshing is never a good sign, messy.  Working in big cities certainly taught me a lot about the diversity of death and equality of the end.  On the way back to the Funeral home every turn I took, lIght I sloped at the bag would run quickly that way making the stretcher rock back and Fort oh please don’t flip over, that amount of human fluids would take forever to sterilize. I punch in my mourge door,, beep beep beep, chunk..  I flip the lights as the click and flicker above my head.  Just to be safe I decided it best to review the arrangement file for deceased cause and manners of death.  A bear attack, ok then this is a first.  The hunter became the hunted the paper read out the gruesome details.. Shiver!

A quick smoke and down I go.  My curiousity , morbid yes but normal to me was already curiously thinking about what was in that body bag.  My gown and personal protection Bio hazard wear all on, I pull my goggles down.  Ok then what does this look like?  Ya hear of it but never really put the image with the story.  Death is raw and cruel at times.  Zzziiiiip!  The wide tooth zipper opens.  My blue gloved hands part the sides.. I step back even past my mask I felt my stomach flip, Blah.. That smell.  That dreadful smell,,I had never smelt that nor have I since.  The scent of human terror and wild bear, just so overpowering.  That feramone of horror automatically made me want to run.  I always look into their eyes, the deceased eyes always show their last expression.  Fear, peace, happiness, this this was horror.  Mouth wide open in a scream.  The laceration across his face peeled the skin to the bone.  His head was only attached by the spine everything was chewed out.  His rib cage exposed and ribs chewed roughly near the back all jagged, all enteral organs had been eaten, hollow torso of bones with legs all eaten just feet and his brown work boots.  As my brain slowly processed this image my imagination overtook me.

The story read he had gone hunting for the weekend.  Four days later after a search they found his eaten corpse burried like a dog bone next to a bears den.  A grizzly bear is 1000 pounds of furious power.  Irony.  As I cleaned up the leaves and dirt mixed with clotted blood.  The Bears hair was 4 inches long and all over packed into the crevices.  The last thing that grizzly did after burying him was mark him territory with urine, oh it smelt awful!  This stew,  gag!  I place him into his cremation receptacle, slid the wooden lid over his face.  Poor man.  I push the container across the rollers into the flames.  Rest in peace as the door closed he was in flames burning away.  This would never be something I’d forget, still dream of this.  Shiver!

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