The Forks

Every summer all us up river kids spent most our time near, in and on the water.  That river that ties us all together for life.  Hot days meant fill the back of the pickup truck with kids and head up to the Forks, the best swimming, fishing hole in our neck of the woods.  The beat up goaT path into the woods along the river, over trout brook and the woods opens Sunny to the pebble shores and rippling twirling water playing like liquid wind.  The old ford barely stopped and us kids piled off, truck after truck full of kids eager to enjoy summers bliss.  The warm sun blanketing us all roasty in the cool fresh stream.  Now to find the greatest rock!

finding a white or red stone in our river was few and radar between.  This became a game that would entertain us for hours happily.  Take the stones and toss then out. Then its time to find it, see under water They almost sparkled in the green trout filled river.  Swimming under water eyes open up and down battling the current mission being retrieving your stone.  Sucked if it fell into the salmon hole, deep spot.  Id say the forks deep hole is all white & orange she sure ate a lot of mine.  No way anyone not even the strong boys would go down there. The tales of undertows holding you down smothering the life from you as you look up to the sky’s helpless.  This was enough to keep Ya straight.

The older girls sun tanned, rubbing coconut oil glistening in the sun. The female form is truly gorgeous and I as a young developing girl coveted those perky breasts and shaved legs.  Soon I hoped I’d change.  Every time I return home im always drawn to the forks.  Some classic east coast childhood memories, core values come from our pride.  The smell of freshwater uplifts my spirit, like charging the soul.  Home is special.  Roots are important.  At 12 I got my first kiss on those very pebbles by the campfire illuminated our crushing faces, he was a friend my whole life we found stones together but this summer he began to catch my eye making my tummy flutter in butterflies just being near him.  By the moonlight he snuck a kiss.  It was so risky cause he was my friends big brother.  He was so tall and lean with a strong face and voice that had changed over night.  Our close friendship made our crush even stronger.  He wrapped me in his strong long arms lifting me up by my waste.  I wrapped around him holding his neck.  We kissed the night away holding hands and laughing.  Kiss after kiss passionately the sun rised.  Home we’d walk yet few steps unbetween our rushes of romance.

Barry and I remained close friends, he was always there for me.  Watched out and protected me.  In my heart he will forever stay.  The year I keft for college I got a call, Barry had overdosed.  I think of you often my dear friend.  Know your apart of who I am.  Rest easy xo

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