The clock read 2am as I woke up to my parents all excited.  This happiness brought the biggest smile across my sleepy face.  Hurry hurry,, come on down as her wrist bracelets jingled quickly down the stairs I can’t keep up as she runs out the screen door.  I slowly opened it as I was uncertain of what was going on, was she ok? Where did that cloud of sadness go?  This is amazing!  My beautiful mum s face even caught the moonlight in a way that her smile glew brighter.  I focus to adjust to the darkness my dads boyish face came into famous down by the river lawn he stood.  “You ready?”

I see dads cigarette coal glowing he flicked his lighter I see the bomb like string take off wiggling red light.  I lean over the railing in curiosity, what the hell? Dad takes off like a scalded cat running towards the house,,, the sizzling flame gets shorter and shorter as does my breathing.  BANG!!  I shutter and fold in fear.. These pixie dust dancing lights lit up the sky and the river below reflected it’s glorious bursts.  It was the most beautiful thing is ever seen!  My night dress blew in the summers night it was Magic in my eyes. Dad comes over and squeezes my shoulders ” Happy Birthday” my lip quivers and I hug him.  He walks back down the hill,  flick, one after another he sets of the Magic as we stood back and watched the display in sheer awww!  This was for me?  The warm and fuzzy begins to grow inside.  So so happy.  I was born in the early morning hours and this year they decided to do something really cool.  Absolutely loved it.

I can still hear her laughter as I watch her eyes sparkle the light.  This was just as warming to me as the fireworks bursted.  I see another flickering light off to my side It’s a cake!  I knew it was a money cake!!  I loved  traditional cake of loonies and quarters in wax paper, this tradition was special to me, still is as I do the same for my children now.  “Make a wish sweetheart she says with this loving tone.  I like those lights wanted to burst in warm and Fuzzies this was the best night ever!!!

We all sat under the moon listening to the river flow and coyotes howl across the way as we are cake. This memory I hold close,, I idealized and loved mum so much this was beyond special.

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