Hoard and Seek

When I was a small girl I remember always having a dreamers heart and I somehow only allowed myself to create fun, I could play alone for days.  The house always felt empty and unwelcoming such heavy sadness even though it was my home.  We all would play hide and seek it was the greatest game for us where the house was so full of possible hiding spots.

5,4,3,2,1.. We all scurried off in all directions to fool the seeker.  I always took shelter in the upstairs closet.  A cat shredded hair covered bed sheet was nailed to the aluminum foil walls that had half fallen off exposing the bare wood walls. We had at least 8 cats at this point.  They were having kittens in the closets and dirty laundry piled within old clothing and ancient musty books half chewed.  As you pawed down lifting boxes you could follow the cats beaten trails to pockets of space. The smell of urine moth balls burnt your eyes sometimes but so worth it. .. Here I come….

could hear a pindrop then the slow exciting creeks of the seeker starting to go on their hunt.  Last one found I knew it this spot always wins, curled in next to the bathroom wall, impossible to find unless you undug me.  One after another I could hear everyone revealed in their spots, gotcha!! I’d wait until everyone was round up and away from me as to not show then my spot.  I win!!

Then the sweet sound of the cookhouse fan would send off the scrumptious smells of our lunch being easy.  The door banged ander got called over

lunch time!

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