Apple nights

A open field of organized rows of dangling sweet Apple trees.  This separated our apts and our need to be together in secret always drew us to the same spot. Sun, rain, snow good days and bad we met here and the greatest of conversations of equal thought and dreamers side by side dreamed of a life we could not have unless I broke it all.

that whole break we snuck off everywhere to talk, just chat I never talk ecspecially so freely without consequence. It was amazing I could feel my heart start to wonder.  I knew he was the one yet I didn’t deserve him.  If he knew better he’d just graduate and never look back.

The sun rose and set that day it flew by as did our chats, giggles and hands clasped we were free.  His beard scratched my forehead as I listened to his heart beat I could sleep here forever.  One finger under my chin he lifts my head back his glasses were gone, those eyes startled me in such a erotic way.  He kissed me.  I look back now and realize it was my first real kiss.  That feeling you get when going over a speed bump,that rush.  My world turned upside down.  Never had I had feelings of lust, no stoping this freight train.

That evening hands forever tightly clasped we joined together, wind tingling the sensations of raw flesh.  I knew as I clipped my bra together that what happened under the apple tree was gonna happen a lot and forever.  Te he he!  This little fella was just my mr. Right.


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