Bath Time

I can still feel the warmth in my lungs as I began to doze off to the rhythmic song of the bubbles popping, I poke my toes out to start  bursting these candle lit joyful gasoline magic balls, getting lost in their glow.  The day was so very intense I was working on the Island  as an apprentice  with the kindest man who agreed to teach me his  remarkable skill, he taught me my trade, always smile at the thought of him. We had been up for days and nights meeting our clients needs, my feet throbbed from washing cars in heels, blistering winds burnt my face and cold stainless steel of the grave lowering devices had blistered my hands.  It felt like days blurred as we worked putting every persons needs before our owns. That’s the rule.  To just sit, relax just a bit and hope the week drifts along as fast as the smoke that mischief waltz erases it all.  Pure perfection a the steam fogs the glass and I notice hearts smudged on that we had traced together the week before.  Man I truly can’t have a thought without his presence not being in my heart.  I ran away for the right reasons the giggles remind of this daily .

blinks slow, steam releasing shoulder tension, ahhhh!  I never ever have my guard down I protects my true heart.  im awoken by the jingle of keys entering our unique first apt.  What a neat place, we only had a fouton to lay on and patio furniture to sit, it was awesome!  Free!  I was so free. Free free at last!  First thing I see as my sleepy eyes open is darkness, candle was gone then I saw the door peek in light.  That silhouette of the man who stole my broken heart.  I stand while tying my robe, what’s he up to? As I walk into our room I see him, it had been  days.  He looked drained as I the whole city seemed to be playing games with the reaper.  He was unusually flushed and I saw him start to shake.  What is he up too I couldn’t see the situation as it developed hence the wrinkle in my brow. hope this is not another bomb dropping moment.  It was Thursday his first official payday so I assumed maybe our in the negative accounts were gonna be empty again due to a delay or something.  It’s ok I’m thinking we got this dear.  I will check the cushions in the public gathering areas for spare coins, bought groceries last week that we no problem, we have this.

he drops to one knee,, my heart stops beating as mine suddenly synced with his.  His sexy accent, oh that accent.  Oh my!!  Will you Marry me ?  I can’t be without you it’s just right. I never had visions of wedding bells ever.  Who would ever really love me?  He opens a black and gold box I could see the white velvet thrn a twinkly star.  A sparkly perfect star I know he just got from the jewelry store on his adorable selfs way home  after getting his first pay, the receipt hit the floor behind him.  Look at him!  It’s forever.

Lip quivering and voice broken.



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