Young Lovers 💞

She was beautiful, smart and full of young dreams.  He was handsome, remarkably friendly and full of young dreams.  Individually perfect together toxic.  A whirlwind romance that began at a house party When across the room two teenage dreamers made eye contact.  Within minutes the magnetic lust brought them together.  They talked all evening, drank laughed and shared their future plans that felt certain.  He leaned forward in a chance she this beautiful foreign dark princess would kiss him. Eyes closed, fireworks behind the red curtains, it was fate.

Passion was high, that uncontrollable vulnerable combination of raging hormones that nothing could stop.  Young lovers sneak away to the only place they could go for a moment alone.  With the music playing in his moms car a song began to play by Meat Loaf and by the light of the dashboard He said he loved her. She said he was the one.  Their furious hands blurred in chaos of desire, it was love.  Pure innocent love 💞 nothing was going to stop them.

It wasn’t long before she noticed her tummy start to bloom, their hearts combined, future determined.  A grin came across his cute boyish face as she shared her gift scared yet excited tears roll down her cheeks.  He wraps her in his warm arms as they Wed in spirit.  A wee baby was to come!  A whole new life and it was them against the world.  If only they knew how hard and cold the world could be.

I Was so wanted! This story always brings me such comfort ☀️


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