No Aisle 💐

The whispering wind gossiped as two wonderful families came together to celebrate the possibilities and future of a charming glowing young couple.  No veil   Over her sweet scared face, no ring for her finger a girl about to be a woman.  His heart was heavy with worry and fear.  Can he provide? Within both hearts the seed of uncertainty was deeply planted that would only grow as the years past.

Simple florals drape over her child who’s face was not yet see . Her hand holds a simple elegant bouquet that she clutches infront her beautiful rounded gift,, her other soft hand feeling kicks as baby joined their day. Order of affairs for their time was out of place as was their life story.  She felt shame yet pride as her start as a woman began.  He turns and their eyes meet.  It’s fate the winds whisper.

Hes pacing a mile a minute within his mind of all the responsibilities he faced though a boy, so much so quick.  His hard working gruff hands fidgit frantically in his pockets, adjusting his tie, staring at his fancy shoes, his hands still had grease within his palm his hair smelt of cedar the worry builds and uncertainty silenced.  He turns to see his bride and baby who’s heart he created.  It’s fate the winds whispers.

Face to face, heart to heart a wish was sent out as Mother Nature carried it away sweet romantic silence. Calm. The winds stop whispering doubts unverified.  Everything stopped the moment  they made eye contact.  All three hearts beating a charming young couple join two lovely families together forever when they say I do.☀️




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