First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

My heart is beating behind my ears as I search for a beginning to my story as a psychiatric survivor & warrior.  How do I show my true self when I’ve spent my life battling Mental illness inside out, every aspect of my life is touched from broken child carrying anothers pain to the strong yet still gentle woman I’m growing into each day because I came forward threw er all out there cause by golly stigma is not fair I’m actually far from the boogeyman. At 30 I announced to everyone my darkest secret “mental illness” in hopes & desperation of acceptance & love.  I spent too many years hiding, holding secrets & battling alone all because of fear of judgement & further loss. Why? Because I truly felt unloveable & believed someone like myself had to take a oath of silence for all who knew me yet knew nothing about me at all.

So now  the question is how do I start a lifetime of experiences?

Hello! I’m Sunny Storms ☀️



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